Supercharge FormKit with 12 Pro inputs* and counting

FormKit Pro is an optional commercial add-on that adds more production-ready inputs to the already powerful open source FormKit form framework.

Pro Inputs preview
Pro Inputs

Ready-built for demanding applications

Powerful commercial form controls, same great API.

  • Autocomplete
  • Colorpicker
  • Datepicker
  • Dropdown
  • Mask
  • Rating
  • Repeaterfree
  • Slider
  • Taglist
  • Togglefree
  • Toggle Buttonsfree
  • Transfer List


Search and select from a custom options list.

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Pricing options for any project

Pay for Pro Inputs in whichever way works for your project’s needs.

Free in development ❤️

FormKit Pro is free in any non-production environment. No payment method required. Try FormKit Pro risk-free.

Build for free
Single Domain
1 project, 1 domain
Multiple Domains
1 project, unlimited domains


All Pro inputs for your production project.Pre-release price$199$149One-time paymentGet Pro


A custom license for your organization.Starting at$1,250One-time paymentGet Enterprise
Toggle Buttons
Transfer List
All future Pro inputs
Pro priority support
Use Pro Inputs in production
Enterprise support tiers
Special enterprise distribution
No telemetry
Support for strict Content Security Policy

What is FormKit Pro telemetry?

Privacy conscious
FormKit Open Source and Enterprise send no telemetry of any kind. The Pro package sends 1) the domain name, and 2) the names of the Pro Inputs in use. FormKit never sends form data or PII of any kind.
Metered billing
Pay-as-you-go billing plans automatically adjust w/ no developer intervention. Only pay for the Pro inputs you actually use.
Fair use
We ensure your Project Key is not used on more than the licensed domains so that we can sustainably develop the open-source FormKit project.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between FormKit and FormKit Pro?

FormKit is, and always will be, a free and open-source framework for building forms which includes all native HTML input types and helps developers with accessible DOM structure, input validation, data collection, error handling, and more.

FormKit Pro is an optional commercial add-on for FormKit that provides synthetic non-native inputs for your projecs such as the Repeater, Toggle, Masks, and more.

How do I use Pro Inputs in my project?

You can follow the quick instructions above or full instructions for installing FormKit Pro Inputs here.

Are Pro Inputs really free in development?

Yes! When creating your project in the dashboard, just select the "Development only" license. You will be able to use all Pro Inputs for free on any local, dev, staging, or non-production environments.

Do subdomains count as separate projects?

Sometimes! Subdomains count as separate projects (with their own pricing plan) when they are actually separate projects. would not be charged as a separate project, but and probably would.

There are certainly edge cases — so get in touch with us at if you need an exception.

When will I be charged?

This depends on the type of project licenses your team has, and sometimes on your team’s "billing day" — which is established when your team purchases its first subscription-based production license.

Development only license
You will never be charged. All Pro inputs can be used for free on any local, dev, staging, or non-production environment.

One time license
You will be charged immediately when you select the "One time" payment license. You will never be charged again for Pro Inputs for the applicable project.

Monthly license
Monthly licenses are charged on your team’s billing day — which is established when your team purchases its first subscription-based production license.

Pay-as-you-go license
Pay-as-you-go licenses are charged on your team’s billing day. You will be charged for Pro Inputs detected within the 15 days leading up to your billing day.

Enterprise license
Payment for your Enterprise license is defined by your custom contract, but typically happens on an annual basis or all at once with a project lifetime license.

What if the price of my plan or input increases?

For Monthly licenses, the price you pay for a particular project gets locked when you begin your subscription. For Pay-as-you-go licenses, prices are locked on an input-by-input basis. If a Pro Input is $1.99 when it first appears on a production project, it will be $1.99 for the lifetime of that project.

Where can I find information related to my account?

You can find account info — such as invoices, payment methods, notifications, projects, and team information — on the Pro dashboard. Billing is handled at the team level so ask any admin on your team for access.