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The currency input allows for restricted input of values based on the provided currency and locale.

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The currency prop is the three letter currency code and sets the proper formatting for the specified currency. For a full list of supported currency types check:


By default, the locale used will be that of what is set in your formkit.config.ts. This can be overriden with the display-locale prop. For example, en, de, en-IN, zh-CN, etc, etc.

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Currency Additional Props


If you would like to prevent decimals from being displayed, set decimals to false or 0.

You can also choose to set a minimum number of decimals with the min-decimals prop. For example, setting the prop min-decimals="2" will always show 2 decimal points.

Minimum and Maximum Values

Setting the props min or max will prevent entry of a higher or lower value.


Value scan be incremented and decremented by use of the up/down keys. The degree by which the value changes is determined by the step prop.

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Props & Attributes

currencystringUSDSet the specified currency to use for this input
displayLocalestringen-USSet the desired display locale to use for this input
decimalsboolean|numbernullChoose to either completely disallow decimals or override the maximum number of decimals for the input
minDecimalsnumbernullChoose to show a minimum number of decimals should your input require this
minnumbernullMinimum numeric value allowed. If zero or above, negatives will not be allowed
maxnumbernullMaximum numeric value allowed for this input
stepnumber1When using the up/down keys, how much to modify the current value.
valueFormatstringnumberChoose between number and string whether you want a numeric value or a parsed string value
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configObject{}Configuration options to provide to the input’s node and any descendent node of this input.
delayNumber20Number of milliseconds to debounce an input’s value before the commit hook is dispatched.
dirtyBehaviorstringtouchedDetermines how the "dirty" flag of this input is set. Can be set to touched or comparetouched (the default) is more performant, but will not detect when the form is once again matching its initial state.
errorsArray[]Array of strings to show as error messages on this field.
helpString''Text for help text associated with the input.
idStringinput_{n}The unique id of the input. Providing an id also allows the input’s node to be globally accessed.
ignoreBooleanfalsePrevents an input from being included in any parent (group, list, form etc). Useful when using inputs for UI instead of actual values.
indexNumberundefinedAllows an input to be inserted at the given index if the parent is a list. If the input’s value is undefined, it inherits the value from that index position. If it has a value it inserts it into the lists’s values at the given index.
labelString''Text for the label element associated with the input.
nameStringinput_{n}The name of the input as identified in the data object. This should be unique within a group of fields.
parentFormKitNodecontextualBy default the parent is a wrapping group, list or form — but this props allows explicit assignment of the parent node.
prefix-iconString''Specifies an icon to put in the prefixIcon section.
preservebooleanfalsePreserves the value of the input on a parent group, list, or form when the input unmounts.
preserve-errorsbooleanfalseBy default errors set on inputs using setErrors are automatically cleared on input, setting this prop to true maintains the error until it is explicitly cleared.
sections-schemaObject{}An object of section keys and schema partial values, where each schema partial is applied to the respective section.
suffix-iconString''Specifies an icon to put in the suffixIcon section.
typeStringtextThe type of input to render from the library.
validationString, Array[]The validation rules to be applied to the input.
validation-visibilityStringblurDetermines when to show an input's failing validation rules. Valid values are blur, dirty, and live.
validation-labelString{label prop}Determines what label to use in validation error messages, by default it uses the label prop if available, otherwise it uses the name prop.
validation-rulesObject{}Additional custom validation rules to make available to the validation prop.
valueAnyundefinedSeeds the initial value of an input and/or its children. Not reactive. Can seed entire groups (forms) and lists..


You can target a specific section of an input using that section's "key", allowing you to modify that section's classes, HTML (via :sections-schema, or content (via slots)). Read more about sections here.

Currency input diagram

Currency Input
How much do you want to donate?
That's a lot of money

Keyboard Interactions

Keyboard EventDescription
Up + DownIncrements through input value by current step amount.
Show Universal keyboard event
TabMoves the focus to the next focusable input on the page.
Shift + TabMoves the focus to the previous focusable input on the page.