The open-source form framework for Vue

FormKit equips developers to build their forms 10x faster by simplifying form structure, generation, validation, theming, submission, error handling, and more.


A tiny data-first drag and drop library

FormKit Drag and Drop is a new open-source library that makes working with drag-and-drop operations a breeze. It’s less than ~4kb and can be used in any JavaScript application.

FormKit Consulting

Direct support from the FormKit team. Unlock the full potential of FormKit in your project. All services provided in English.


Powerful form features for data flow, error handling, and state management.


24+ accessible inputs powered by a single component.


20+ built-in validation rules and support for writing your own.


Use FormKit’s default Genesis CSS theme, Tailwind, or your own custom approach with full control over every DOM element.


Generate forms with FormKit’s JSON-compatible dynamic schema. Fully serializable for database storage.


Engineered to handle the most demanding forms.

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new — v.1.4.0

Introducing FormKit Themes

Open-source, MIT-licensed, Tailwind themes for FormKit.

Preview of FormKit Regenesis theme


Populate a form with a single objectAuto collects all input valuesApply backend errors to forms and inputsAccess any form value without v-model Optionally v-model an entire form with one objectAutomatic loading state for async submissionsState tracking for invalid, loading, errors, and moreEasily disable all inputs in a formForm resetStructure your data as objects, arrays, and scalar values
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Entire structure in 1 component <FormKit />Includes every input type (24+)Accessibility built-inState tracking for invalid, loading, errors, and moreExport to restructure input HTMLCreate custom inputsControl input values with middlewareAutomatic DOM for label, help, messages, and moreSupports conditional inputsSlots for every DOM element
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Try changing type="radio" on line 5 to checkbox.


Apply rules in a single propIncludes validation messages in 40+ languagesControl when errors showSupport for async rulesDebounce expensive validation rulesBlock form submission until validation passesSupport for optional and conditional rulesAdd custom rules and validation messagesForm & input-level messages
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Styling approach agnosticOptional first-party themeTailwind themesSupport for utility CSS frameworksAdd classes to any DOM elementOverride any DOM elementDynamic attributes that track stateBuilt-in icon packUse your own SVG iconsEasy integration with 3rd-party icon libraries
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JSON-compatible formatRenders any DOM and componentsBoolean logic, comparison, arithmetic expressionsReference reactive data within schemaSupports list rendering Renders any named slotConditional renderingShorthand for rendering FormKit inputsStore schema anywhere
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Try changing pricePerUser on line 2 to see the schema-powered form re-render.


Zero third-party dependenciesTypeScript supportTree-shakableExtend with pluginsPlugins can be applied at an input, group, or global levelShare code across inputs with featuresExtend with hooksEvent systemWrite your own inputsFull SSR supportWrap 3rd-party inputsCLI toolCustomize with FormKit configActive community & supportInternationalization architectureHierarchical input structure
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FormKit Pro

Supercharge FormKit with optional Pro inputs

Powerful commercial form controls, same great API.

  • Autocomplete
  • Colorpicker
  • Currency
  • Datepicker
  • Dropdown
  • Mask
  • Rating
  • Repeaterfree
  • Slider
  • Taglist
  • Togglefree
  • Toggle Buttonsfree
  • Transfer List


Search and select from a custom options list.