A comprehensive overview of FormKit's internals

API Reference


The core building blocks of FormKit.

  • @formkit/core

    The official FormKit core library. This package is responsible for most of FormKit’s internal functionality.

  • @formkit/vue

    The official FormKit/Vue integration. This package is responsible for integrating Vue with FormKit core and other first-party packages.

  • Context Object

    A reactive object contained in each FormKit node to expose data to template slots, rules, and the schema that defines each input.


Supporting packages for the FormKit framework.

  • @formkit/addons

    Common, optional, first-party add on features for FormKit.

  • @formkit/i18n

    The locales and the plugin that integrates FormKit with these locales.

  • @formkit/inputs

    The source code and supporting functions for all native HTML input types.

  • @formkit/observer

    A utility to wrap a FormKitNode in a dependency tracking observer proxy.

  • @formkit/themes

    the official themes and supporting functions for FormKit styling.

  • @formkit/utils

    Commonly shared utility functions between official FormKit packages.

  • @formkit/validation

    The first-party validation package/plugin for FormKit.

  • @formkit/zod

    A first-party package that adds support for Zod schema validation.