Auto-Height Textarea Plugin

Using the createAutoHeightTextareaPlugin function from @formkit/addons you can use a new prop (auto-height) on your Formkit inputs of type textarea to have them automatically grow and shrink in size based on their content.


To use this plugin with FormKit, install @formkit/addons:

yarn add @formkit/addons

Once you've installed the addons package, you'll need to register the plugin with FormKit:

// formkit.config.js
import { defaultConfig } from '@formkit/vue'
import { createAutoHeightTextareaPlugin } from '@formkit/addons'

const config = defaultConfig({
  plugins: [

export default config


To enable auto-height on a text area add the auto-height prop to a FormKit input of type textarea.

Available field props:

  • max-auto-height Number Establishes the upper limit for the expansion of a text area, allowing it to dynamically grow in height while ensuring it does not exceed the specified maximum height.
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