Community involvement and contributions are one of the most important aspects of the FormKit ecosystem. We invite you to actively participate — whether using FormKit, translating validation messages, being an active member of the Discord, or filing bug reports and making pull requests to the FormKit codebase.

FormKit will always be free and open source. If you want to help accelerate its development and maintenance, please consider sponsoring the project! In addition to our gratitude and enabling us to spend more time improving FormKit, you'll also get various perks at different tiers of sponsorship!

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We invite you to contribute to FormKit! There are many ways to help — from creating pull requests to our open source code bases, to filing issues so we can improve FormKit for everyone.

Contribute to open source code bases

We encourage contributions to the FormKit open source code bases! When contributing, consider first discussing your desired change with the core team via GitHub issues or Discord.

Contributors to formkit/formkit

Contributors to formkit/docs-content

Thank you to all contributors and community members who help us improve FormKit every day.

Open issues on GitHub (bugs and features)

GitHub issues are for feature requests and bug reports. If you've found a bug, please create a GitHub issue by reproducing it in the playground and clicking the share button! Feature requests are always a bit subjective, but if you believe there's a good use case that is currently underserved by FormKit, we want to know.

Submit a locale

We are always looking for native speakers to submit a translation of the FormKit validation messages and UI elements. This is a great way to get involved, even with minimal coding experience. The easiest way to provide a translation is by using the locale builder:

Create content to share

One of the best ways to enrich the FormKit (and Vue 3) community at large is to create content such as articles, guides, YouTube videos, or other educational content to share with others! We will be happy to include links to high-quality content in our docs.

Join the community

FormKit Discord server (generalized help & discussion)

If you need generalized help or want to make connections within the community, consider joining the official FormKit Discord. Over 1200 developers along with the core team members have active discussion there. If you are not already a member (it's free and open), you'll need to use the following invite link to join the server:

Stack Overflow

If you have a specific question about how to use FormKit, please ask it on Stack Overflow tagged with formkit. Make sure to include code examples and if possible, a link to the playground so the community can further assist you.

Join the FormKit channels