FormKit Ads

Major advertising platforms inundate end users with slow-loading, privacy-violating, ubiquitous ads that get in the way more than add value. Website owners have little control over what ads are shown, are paid in pennies, and yet still choose these platforms because there are no better alternatives.

FormKit advertising placements are simple, curated, ad placements that operate according to an auction system for each ad "spot". Money is paid directly from advertiser to website owner.

How it works

  • The "Advertiser" submits their "Ad Pack" to the "Ad Host" for a specific "Spot", along with their daily bid amount ($1 increments).
  • The Ad Host accepts or rejects the placement.
  • The winning bidder will be charged for 1 month based on their daily bid: Daily Bid x 30.
  • The winning bidder is guaranteed at least 1 week in the Spot.
  • If a higher bid is submitted by a "Challenger", the "Incumbent" can match the bid to retain the Spot.
  • If the Incumbent does not match, the Challenger will take over the Spot in the coming week, and the Incumbent will be refunded the pro-rated amount.


Only ads that are approved by the Ad Host will be placed. The Ad Host may reject placements for any reason, but here are a few examples:

  • Ads related to illegal products or services, such as illegal drugs or unlawful violence, or the promotion of physical harm to others.
  • Products or services that are unfair, predatory, or deceptive.
  • The design of the ad does not fit within the design of the website.


Below is a list of all the available Spots to bid on. Please submit the relevant Ad Pack to

Bid on a Spot

FormKit, "Global Sidebar" Spot.

Displays on large mobile and up (viewports > 659px).

  1. Provide a 2.5:1 aspect ratio image, minimum 375px by 150px.
  2. Provide a URL for the Ad.

AutoAnimate, "Hero" Spot.

  1. Provide a 6:1 aspect ratio image for desktop, minimum 1500px by 250px.
  2. Provide a 3:1 aspect ratio image for mobile, minimum 750px by 250px.
  3. Provide a URL for the Ad.